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                New eras of positivity need to happen. There’s a lot of sadness in the world, downright badness in some cases. Everybody can sad. That’s okay. Occasionally there will be the bad that makes feeling good that much better. It is comparisons. For every up there is a down. Sometimes though getting through that sad feeling is tough to do all alone. Hence the internet is out there. Positive vibes stems out of the internet which is better known as a place to vent frustrations. Rather than troll or abuse people online why not simply love and support them? Supporting others creates something of a feedback loop of happiness. 

                Positive messages shall be sent during this dawn of the age of snack pack. Before in the 60s people believed in the Age of Aquarius. That’s gone though. 60s vibes are over. Now there needs to be a new way, a third way. Use of the internet can make such a thing happen. Random acts of kindness can make the internet a better place. In fact the internet is heavily constructed for randomness. Why not make that randomness have a positive impact on people’s lives? Daniel Alexander believes in the power of positive internet. This is encouraging as it shows a trending away from the infinite sadness of trolling and towards the internet’s natural role of community building. 

                Little outlets exist all across the internet to spread positivity. Daniel Alexander searches Twitter to turn frowns upside down. Frowns are just upside down smiley faces. This is Social Media Science 101. There’s also the concept of online positively called ‘The Domino Theory. Originally thought up as a plan of containing communism, ‘The Domino Theory’ has been given a second life on social media sites like ‘Second Life’. The premise is simple: support for others comes back to help that person out. Essentially being nice on the internet is akin to karma: it will come back either good or bad. Either way it returns. 

                 Motivation is the seed of creation. Without it nothing can happen. Creating pieces of art can take a long time. Some pieces of art can take years to fully articulate. As one Frank Hinton stated ‘Art is subjective but effort isn’t’. Creating something beautiful can take a while. During that time it can be difficult to continue, to convince oneself that it is truly worth it. Blogging takes a lot out of people as does writing, painting, photography, etc. Thanks to Daniel Alexander’s call to positivity there is hope that this motivation can be brought and new wonderful things can be introduced to a bewildered world! This is a positive movement, this is the internet.