Spooky Cheddar - PYR▲MD MUSC 7.9

                Spooky Cheddar’s ‘Pyramid Music’ possesses a quirky charm. Before their music focused more on the outright structure of every piece but now there appears to be more embellishment. The sounds feel more muscular than before. Melody-wise they hark back to early era Warp Records before everything got so complicated and beat-driven. Indeed it is this embrace of pop that makes it so thoroughly enjoyable. Electro is given a heart on here. 

                ‘Mostly Rad’ is an early highlight on here. Spooky Cheddar has fun speeding up and slowing down the track on a whim. The melody is particularly strong though. As he slows down the track this reveals a different sort of talent that of nostalgia pangs.  On the more low-key songs like ‘She Wobble’ Spooky Cheddar shows off slight rock influences. Faster moving songs (such as the borderline epileptic ‘Select Vehicle’) present a goofy take on video game music. Towards the end Spooky Cheddar goes for the full ‘rock-out’ feeling with ‘Shiner’. ‘Shiner’ takes all Spooky Cheddar’s previous ideas and simply blows them up into a massive slab of sound, complete with ridiculous solos. 

                Glad Spooky Cheddar has not lost his keen sense of humor with the song titles judging by such awful puns like ‘Hella Lugosi’ or the outright stupid ‘Shark Attack 69’ and ‘Anime Mancave’. Without a sense of humor this album would fall flat on its face. It is Spooky Cheddar’s knowledge of the genres he’s working with that make this a joy. Here’s someone completely willing to let his enthusiasm bleed into the music. And the results are fantastic.