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                New eras of positivity need to happen. There’s a lot of sadness in the world, downright badness in some cases. Everybody can sad. That’s okay. Occasionally there will be the bad that makes feeling good that much better. It is comparisons. For every up there is a down. Sometimes though getting through that sad feeling is tough to do all alone. Hence the internet is out there. Positive vibes stems out of the internet which is better known as a place to vent frustrations. Rather than troll or abuse people online why not simply love and support them? Supporting others creates something of a feedback loop of happiness. 

                Positive messages shall be sent during this dawn of the age of snack pack. Before in the 60s people believed in the Age of Aquarius. That’s gone though. 60s vibes are over. Now there needs to be a new way, a third way. Use of the internet can make such a thing happen. Random acts of kindness can make the internet a better place. In fact the internet is heavily constructed for randomness. Why not make that randomness have a positive impact on people’s lives? Daniel Alexander believes in the power of positive internet. This is encouraging as it shows a trending away from the infinite sadness of trolling and towards the internet’s natural role of community building. 

                Little outlets exist all across the internet to spread positivity. Daniel Alexander searches Twitter to turn frowns upside down. Frowns are just upside down smiley faces. This is Social Media Science 101. There’s also the concept of online positively called ‘The Domino Theory. Originally thought up as a plan of containing communism, ‘The Domino Theory’ has been given a second life on social media sites like ‘Second Life’. The premise is simple: support for others comes back to help that person out. Essentially being nice on the internet is akin to karma: it will come back either good or bad. Either way it returns. 

                 Motivation is the seed of creation. Without it nothing can happen. Creating pieces of art can take a long time. Some pieces of art can take years to fully articulate. As one Frank Hinton stated ‘Art is subjective but effort isn’t’. Creating something beautiful can take a while. During that time it can be difficult to continue, to convince oneself that it is truly worth it. Blogging takes a lot out of people as does writing, painting, photography, etc. Thanks to Daniel Alexander’s call to positivity there is hope that this motivation can be brought and new wonderful things can be introduced to a bewildered world! This is a positive movement, this is the internet.




                Daniel Alexander wants to be a man of letters. In the age of the internet this is very possible. Emails are sent with abandon. The free for all is quite refreshing. Real letters, the kind sent in the mail with tender love, are almost a thing of the past. Few do this anymore. Occasionally things come in the mail from grandparents. Grandparents are the ultimate fans of the postal service. However Daniel wants to change this up. He wants a pen pal, the sort of person who can give him art in exchange for art. Here he tells the viewer to send him things. But first he shows the viewer around his humble studio abode. 

                Walls in Daniel’s studio are bare. He has a flag of America necessary to remind him his artwork is for America. There’s a sticker board to remind him of his sticker-wielding roots. Yet the sticker board is small. And his room is so large. Daniel has a heart. With the arrival of new mail he can have his artistic inclinations of his heart explode across the room. Obviously putting up his art is out of the question. Forget it. But other people, he supports those other artists. Daniel Alexander is an alt lit booster with his syndicated alt lit Spreecast to bring people together on an internet chat room at the same time. 

                The video displays what the poster board looks like after he’s put some wonderful posters and pictures on it. Yet it is still bare. Empty spaces remain. Texas loves its empty space but Daniel Alexander is intent on filling it with friends. That’s what Daniel Alexander is about: his work is his heart. With each new friend, each new connection and mention he’s becoming a realer boy. Will someday Daniel Alexander become a real boy, the sort who exists on and offline? Judging by his bike riding escapades this is already happening. 

                How it ends is with a PO BOX. Daniel wants mail. With every piece comes a new piece, by him. The art from others helps him grow. Consumption of art in general is a good thing. More exposure can help others figure out what works and what doesn’t work. New material will bring new ideas into Daniel’s already overactive imagination. Besides Daniel is a good person. Daniel Alexander vlogs the good vlog. This is important because what the world needs now is vlog sweet vlog.



im so busy , good thing im eating sncks 

                Daniel Alexander is working hard. Thankfully he took some time out of his busy Kickstarting schedule to show people around his bedroom. Yes Daniel sleeps on a pile of his own books. His shirts serve as new blankets. Sleeping in a pile of oneself is probably the most positive thing anybody can do. As these shirts are folded (expertly) that means Daniel is able to take naps in between his mailing operation. Mail is no easy thing. Maybe it is for some people. For Daniel though the mailing system has taken over his entire life. 

                The room is scattered with remnants of Daniel’s life. A synthesizer takes up a tiny part of the room. While the room fills up with lots of Daniel’s life work (T-shirts, books, posters, stickers, face tattoos) he can continue to fill the air with the sound of music. Indeed Daniel’s bedroom is alive with the sound of music. Putting the keyboard on ‘demo mode’ Daniel takes around the hills. Stacks of everything surround him. And everything looks like him. Mostly that’s because he has put his face on his merchandise. His art is going strong with his happy intense stare. 

                Face tattoos are definitely the biggest draw. People like the idea of having Daniel’s face on their face. It is amazing. The glasses are particularly well-done. Usually these artists take self-portraits. In Daniel’s case someone else took a picture of him so it could be on the faces of America. Tattoos are a big thing in alt culture. Why, who really knows. Good thing these are simply temporary tattoos. Perhaps some babe will use his face to look at late at night and cry. For Daniel’s face is beautiful. 

                Books are leaving his room at a rapid pace. 167 books were sold. 3 remain. One must ‘get on top of this’ before all the books completely disappear. The books are sent out at a rapid pace. Daniel has a picture for each one of these books. Every book is filled with Daniel’s love via the Sharpie welding lifestyle. Never mess with a man with a sharpie. Once that person gets into a public restroom, forget about it. Poetry will come first. Dirty limericks will follow. Yes it is an awful sight to behold.

                 No snacks are consumed in front of the camera. Despite the title of the video Daniel does not eat a single snack. This is worrisome. Several videos have gone by without Daniel so much as mentioning snacking. It may be RADDDDD to mail things out. Without snacking though all Daniel has left are the babes of the world. Is that even enough? Hope Daniel is able to turn in to his inner snacking child because it is hungry.



quotes from a bald dad

                Dads are an integral part of culture. Many famous artists became dads. Art owes a great deal to dads. Without dads ‘Dada’ would have been simply ‘a’. That would have set the movement back considerably. Other artists were dads themselves. Becoming a dad is a great thing. Some bloggers are dads. Members of alt lit are full-time dads. However Daniel goes more specifically into the phenomena of bald dads. They have it rough. Few understand what is like to be hairless. Without hair ‘Myspace hair’ will never work. It is basically doomed. 

                Here Daniel analyzes the quote from a bald dad. Poor bald dog sits there in his easy chair. Dogs roam around him. He is indifferent. The dogs are eating his brain. They are Zombie dogs. Unfortunately the dad cannot leave the chair. He cannot move. Sadly the Zombie dogs know what part of the mind to eat first. By eating the part dedicated to movement he is immobilized. Pure fear races through his head. Sadly he cannot convey this in a facial expression for the dogs ate that part of his brain too. The bald dad simply sits there and lets the dogs eat his brain. 

                As he sits he thinks of some of his best quotes. Since he is a dad he probably lacked a twitter account. Most dads have yet to discover the true beauty of tweeting. It is unfortunate. For in life people respect their elders. Dads are pretty old. That’s how they got to creating all those kids and stuff. This poor dad donated his hair dryers. He got nosebleed seats. Only a jar of honey keeps him company. Due to his extreme madness the bald dad can understand what honey says to him. Every jar of honey is full of the dreams of bees. When a bee makes honey it dreams of a better life, being a bigger bee, visiting bigger flowers, and scaring bigger children. These dreams are infused into jars of honey. That’s why they taste so good. 

                Bald dad watches football. Often the TV asks the bald dad “Are you ready for some FOOT-BALL”. The bald dad always says yes. The bald dad loves football. Unfortunately he misses his son’s play. His son is a tree in the play. Due to the son’s extreme shyness they give him a non-speaking role. However his son ends up being the only character on stage that doesn’t wet his parents. His son is in the 5th grade. His classmates hit ‘depressed teenage mode’ before his son did. 

                It ends like all great videos end with a looped of a bald dad coughing. This is because he’s sick due to his missing brain. His dogs look at the camera with guilty eyes. Zombie dogs love eating human brains.




if you ever feel sad in life look outside and know that there are babes in the world and then you’ll be happy

download the song here:

                Daniel Alexander welcomes aliens to planet Earth. Everybody sees the same sky on planet Earth. Hopefully some aliens have been following Daniel on Tweeter via a mobile app. In the video there are three different Daniels: the Father Daniel, the Son Daniel, and the Holy Ghost of Daniel. A holy trinity of Daniel explains the many wonders of Earth while angelic music plays. Compared to Steve’s love of Satan, Daniel’s love of Earth is a wonderful thing. All these happy organisms co-exist on Earth because the Earth is a nice, chill place. 

                Sadness can overwhelm. Daniel suggests everyone look outside and be happy at what they see. It can be anything. Roads, trees, wildlife, some dudes, babes, concrete, a parking lot, brick, and beyond that is the sky. Nothing is limiting but one’s perspective. If one simply looks down at the ground they miss the beautiful sky above. To make sure one knows there is a sky all one has to do is jump. Generally the jumping does not lead to a high percentage of time spent being airborne but it is a start. 

                Be positive is Daniel Alexander’s mantra. He wrote the song about positivity. Now he tells others to look into the mirror. One should like that person in the mirror. If somebody fails to see a reflection that means they are a vampire. Being a vampire is okay though since it is this is Halloween. That can become a cool costume for Halloween parties, assuming they are on a weekend and not on a Wednesday night. 

                Here Daniel begins to describe his life. Over cities and oceans Daniel soars. Few know this but Daniel is a bird. After he wrote the song on the spiritual cave of positivity an extraterrestrial being gave him a choice: he could have a lifetime supply of Pringles or he could have wings. Being an intelligent creature Daniel chose wings. Many would have picked Pringles. However Daniel hates Pringles and the addiction they bring. Millions of Americans know that ‘once you pop you just don’t stop’ which has created horrible, crippling addictions. Pringles are the heroin of the snack world.

                 Apparently humans do not exist in space, excluding the space station. Daniel waxes poetic about what he had for dinner. It was a hamburger, of divine quality. How the thing ends is with the song slowly fading out and Daniel’s piercing stare into the camera as mountains roll behind him. No one is as positive as Daniel about this great green and blue thing called Earth.



what is a babe 

                This is an age old question: what is a babe? Many ask this each and every day. Few think of themselves as babes. Well everybody is a babe to somebody. In order to become a babe requires more than good looks. Sure that’s the traditional definition. But that leaves out so many wonderful people. Aesthetics aren’t everything. One day somebody could be more of a babe than at another time. Attractiveness relies on being a good person. 

                Billions of people exist on this great wonderful Earth. Plenty of them are perfectly attractive if not downright beautiful. What makes a beautiful person beautiful is what is on the inside. Go past all those internal organs and such to find the true heart of a babe. Yes this is where the ‘babe-ness’ really exists. For that heart, that soul makes a mere body a person. And while many are attractive, maybe they are mean, or aren’t very nice. Kindness makes a babe a babe. Decency makes a babe a babe. While there are the needs of ‘hey people need to look real good’ that should genuinely be a lesser concern. One’s way of interacting with others, people they’ve never met and may never met, is an important sign of what is and is not a babe.

                In the video a car race through pixelated geography. This represents the newest phenomena of meeting people through the internet. Does anybody even meet people offline? Is that still a thing? Friends can be made online. Dates can be arranged online. Jobs can be done online. Babes are born online. What good is real life anyway with all these cool things to interact with and do on the internet? Real life is so ridiculous. Guess at some point people are going to embed their lives into the internet. Perhaps this is already starting to happen. 

                ‘Everyone is a babe in their way’ Daniel tells the world. He is heavily embedded to positivity. This is a good thing. Sometimes there can be negativity, unnecessary negativity that can hurt. Here Daniel explains that everybody asks him what a babe is. Thankfully this video confirms that his views on babes are similar to his views on snacks. Everything good is a snack. Everyone is a babe. Sometimes the two come together, such as with cannibals who can have a snack and a babe as the same thing. This is wonderful, life affirming stuff. One video every two days is not enough from Daniel. He has so much to give to the world and he’s doing it. He needs to keep going.



sometimes i want to be a monk

i made a video from one of the tracks from my audio book and it came out vry well. could there possibly be ‘RADDDDD’ the movie ? YES

                Daniel shows one of the first videos from his award-winning book, RADDDDD. Really Daniel has created an entire universe of himself. There is the music, written by him, the video, directed by him, and the story, created by him. Sometimes when people say ‘There’s nothing good in Hollywood’ they have yet to meet Daniel Alexander. When Daniel Alexander goes to Hollywood it is going to be a million times better than when Frankie goes to Hollywood. Few know this but ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ sort of sucked. Every time they played ‘Relax’ somebody lost a brain cell. Scientists have proven that memory loss occurs when one listens to such a terrible, terrible song. 

                This does not happen when one listens to a Daniel Alexander track. Daniel Alexander calls his songs ‘Snack traxs’ or at least he should. Snacking is such a large part of his life. Even if he becomes a monk like the one in the video there he’ll probably never stop snacking. It is what makes him so happy. The world is a better place with Daniel snacking hard in it. Monks have no limitations on snacking. Thus Daniel’s future as a monk is virtually assured. Hopefully he does not do one of those ‘vows of silence’ for Daniel really needs to support Earth. People need the reassurance that life is a great big beautiful thing. Oftentimes such a simple message can be forgotten as life gets more and more complicated. What exists now, in terms of payments, relationships, work and general meaning is so complicated.

                Perhaps this is why Daniel wants to become a monk. In a way a monk has a perfectly calm life. Expecting nothing they can completely clear their thoughts. Everything is so calm. When rare calm moments appear in life one must embrace them. Calm is such an unusual thing. One can become overburdened by the amount of material and information that exists in the world. If one focuses on what is really important it becomes so easy. Suddenly enlightenment can begin to take hold and true happiness can be found in the briar patch of the mind. 

                In Daniel’s monk’s mind he is deep into multiple realities. It is like ‘Inception’ only good. Rather Daniel lives in a multiple of a multiple dimension. He does it every day. The internet is life squared. Emotions are more viscerally felt on the internet. In a way the internet is one of the few places where one can be true to oneself. And this is a beautiful thing. And Daniel Alexander’s work is more than a gimmick it is a form of support on days when it is most needed.




                The video begins with a clip saying ‘you’re doing it’. He asks ‘Doing what’. And the creepy troop of kids says ‘using your imagination’. From there a gentle song plays. It is the kind of thing one might expect on a late night, Adult Swim bump. Honestly Adult Swim bumps should be the only bumps anybody does. Cartoons are terrific, full of heroes and villains. Or, in Adult Swim’s case, highly ironic caricatures that strongly resemble the half-dreamed funny nightmares. Either way it is the same thing. 

                Happy dogs surround Daniel. Poor Daniel does not know it yet but he’s going to have to clean up their waste later. Dogs are happy to have human servants. On the outside they are man’s best friend but that’s only because they get something out of the relationship. Sad dogs really don’t have a place in the dog world. Moodiness is more of a cat thing anyway. 

                ‘You’re doing it’ Daniel says emphatically to the camera. His glasses do not lie. Boy those are thick glasses, thick with the love of mother Earth, which Daniel has already proven his love to in his last video. This is Daniel in full motivational speaker mode. He advises the viewer to ‘create something’. Everybody can do that. How many have the guts to really create something beautiful? He tells people to stop playing video games and stop watching TV. Rather if one makes a piece of art it is something they can return to again and again. 

                Fun is Daniel’s secret weapon. Do not mess with Daniel’s fun. If you mess with Daniel you are playing with knives. Literally Daniel has a ton of knives and he plays with them all the time. These are there to help Daniel protect his snacks. Speaking of snacks, there is no mention of Daniel’s best-known meme. At no point does Daniel bring up snacks. Yeah, Daniel asks a dog about a taco but that could just be dog sexual innuendo. Dogs are such dogs anyway. 

                What makes this video so memorable is the ‘hidden video’ at the end. The fade out on a grassy knoll, that happens. Daniel calling life beautiful, that happens too. An unusual take of Daniel is shown staring at his computer screen breathing. Behind him a cat does its thing because it is a cat and really doesn’t have any expectations it needs to fulfill. Is this the new vlogger method? Should more vloggers use the hidden track method that bands have been using for years? The answer is yes.