COP FONT sounds like Prefuse 73 if Prefuse 73 got good again. The energy is palpable. Humor is heavily infused into each track. Obviously the moniker is something of a joke; the amount of samples is ridiculous. Samples are strewn across these 11 tracks in large quantities. Here COP FONT enjoys making the samples into a strange form of narrative. Without any actual singing COP FONT transforms these rather obvious to detect samples (Nine Inch Nails, DMX, etc.) into a coherent whole. What results is something that rises above a typical genre classification. Elements of hip-hop, IDM, electro fuse together into a fun little album. 

                The album begins with someone’s ridiculous one-sided conversation as an eighties sample chugs along. Eventually the song descends into absolute ridiculousness and segues into the next song which is anchored by a Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’ sample. ‘Wet Nailz’ is about the closest that COP FONT gets to the glory era of Prefuse 73. Spacey, still grounded with spry percussion alongside distorted vocals, it is definitely a highlight of the album. By the fourth tracks COP FONT descends into a bastard pop hybrid fed way too much sugar. In the latter half of the album things calm down somewhat with slightly slower tempos. COP FONT retains the ironic use of samples to inject humor into the proceedings. 

                ‘RARE FLAVORS’ is a bunch of sounds put into a blender, cut up almost to beyond recognition, and re-configured as pop. The results speak for themselves through broken fragments of dialogue, random raps, and occasional movie quotes. Yes COP FONT is hopelessly messed up in the best possible way.