ALt Lit: A documentary

Everything Here Now. 

Featuring Steve Roggenbuck, Beach Sloth, James Ganas, Thom James, Nic Rad, Amy Saul-Zerby, Ed Halliday, Moon Tzu, Joe Vaughan, Michael Scarborough and many many more.


Everything Here Now by Paige Elizabeth

                Paige Elizabeth is more than a game changer she invented the game. Deep in the heart of merry old England she has created the first all-inclusive alt lit documentary. Incarnations of alt lit figures in film are not unusual. They are becoming more of a thing with Adam Humphreys’ “Shitty Youth” or Pirooz Kalayeh’s upcoming “Shoplifting from American Apparel”. Whereas those films focus on a little sliver of alt lit, Elizabeth’s documentary is the whole cake. Indeed “Everything Here Now” is a beautiful exploration into what makes alt lit so interesting.

                Community is important. Writers have had these sorts of communities for a while. Before the internet there were lunches, road trips, parlors, etc. Thanks to the internet writers who may have otherwise never met each other (due to geographical limitations) are connected into a whole. Here Paige takes the viewpoints of people across America and the world itself. The British contingent of alt lit is represented in part with the darlings of Moon Tzu, Michael Scarborough and Joe Vaughan. All of them are on a single couch because the UK treats alt lit right. Alt lit needs couches in order sleep tight, grim right. Thom James an up and coming member of the British alt lit contingent is shown as well in all his delightful glory. Shortly members of the British alt lit contingent are going to set foot on America’s alt lit shores, specifically one Crispin Best. ‘Everything Here Now’ can be considered something of a ‘Welcome Mat’ for young, virile, and cute Crispin. 

                The American aspect of alt lit is explored from coast to coast. James Ganas represents the Pacific Northwest of alt lit. Indeed James Ganas is the Frasier of alt lit. Heck James Ganas even has a radio show like Frasier and has a brother named Niles. Obviously this is a huge thing. On the East Coast the New York group comes up. Drew Boston speaks throughout much of the documentary. People have cried out of joy for Drew Boston’s work. Thus far he’s done a few readings but those readings generally evolve into a lovely warm hug of a performance. Plus who can complete with Drew Boston’s beard?

                Nic Rad tries to compete. He too is part of the New York alt lit scene. Besides his writing Rad’s work is visual. He’s a painter known for his countless pieces of themed work dealing with Ayn Rand’s work and capitalist cats. Ed Halliday makes an appearance. Many consider Ed Halliday to be the ‘king of the bros’. He’s compassionate. He cares. One look at Ed Halliday’s glasses is enough to melt any icy heart? Ed Halliday is the puppy dog of alt lit. 

                Paige Elizabeth makes the alt lit documentary the world has been waiting for. It is a sincere look at the new sincerity.