Glowing screens are a part of life. Currently you are reading this on a glowing screen different from the original screen I used. Yes life is crazy that way. One day you’re reading from a glowing screen, the next day you’re reading from a glowing screen, the day after you’re reading from a glowing screen. Thanks to glowing screens you can do work, have fun, and meet people, Skype, talk, blog, podcast and other random stuff. I’m glad you are reading this right now. I thank you for it. 

                However I agree with Daniel. Sometimes life can eat you up. Does life enjoy your taste? Probably it does. Life enjoys all sorts of people. Every type of person can be a good person. Haters, trolls, internet enlightened ones; they are part of this glowing screen ecosystem. Without a break the internet can become too real. At some point a break from the internet can be good. I know this is different from what I usually suggest. Blame Daniel for this change because he’s right.

                At some point a break is needed. Turn off all cell phones is a common refrain in movie theaters. You could benefit from an escape from the social media. I could too. Everyone could. This is what Daniel Alexander advises. Believe him. He’s on the internet almost all the time. Without the internet you wouldn’t even know who Daniel Alexander is. However with the internet you might not see your close friends as often. Eventually the internet may distract away from a walk in the part, going outside and enjoying life. These are important things to do. 

                Sure you can listen to whale sounds. Really any album will do. All that is required is a place far away enough from the internet, from the TV, and from the cell phone. You may find yourself at peace with yourself wondering ‘How did I get here’. Well you got there from turning things off. So often the obsession with turning things ‘on’ gets a sexual connotation. Turning things off is a positive experience too. Beautiful sounds are all around. 

                Instead of putting on an album if you’re sick of the playlists or of anything really can be sitting alone in a room. Wait for the sounds from the outside to filter in. Go outside if you’re interested. See how people exist away from the internet. Laugh at those checking cell phones. Don’t avoid the internet. Of course it will always be there. But taking a break from the internet from little glowing screens can be a great big wonderful thing. Enjoy it.