WITH Austin Islam & Luke Borlase Midworth

                Man Daniel Alexander is the fun-lover of alt lit. This video is the happiest thing ever uploaded to YouTube. Nothing can compare. Right from the very beginning is it so cheerful. If there is ever a bad day out there, a frown that needs to be turned upside down, this is the medicine. Everything in this is perfect from the music to the sheer level of enthusiasm. Austin Islam and Luke Midworth make it worth it too. In fact Daniel Alexander takes up only a small part of the video.

                The beginning shows the three of them in a big beautiful building. High ceilings, lots of history, they are happy. Luke calls it ‘top notch’. Indeed it is. Luke is really happy. Austin Islam, the living MEME legend, appears. Now Austin Islam has a well-documented love of life. Many quotes attributed to Austin Islam reflect his positive outlook. Austin Islam is in rare form. To celebrate his love of life Austin Islam does his ‘happy dance’. He gets up on his two hind legs and dances hard. 

                Bikes appear. Here they ride bikes through this giant building. This is a lot of fun to watch. Daniel has the camera unusually steady. Countless halls are gone through as they reach the sunny exterior of the building. Outside is celebrated. They are making it out to be one with the sun. Indeed their joy melts to become one with the sun. Smiles are all around. For the celebration Luke even dressed up in some fine-looking boots. Yes they are truly in Texas. 

                 While the path is easy the destination is easier. They bike down the road to find happiness. Of course happiness is a public fountain. Humanity feels the need to create artificial wildlife refuges. These are known as ‘parks’. Daniel continues taking footage of the sheer splendor of Mother Nature’s funny valentine, the city park. City parks are the valentine humanity gives to feel better about all that green grass paved over. However it is still more environmentally friendly to live in the city versus living in the country. 

                Austin dances a rain-type dance outside after some ‘punk child’ leaves. The kid is sullen. Austin, Luke, and Daniel have re-discovered the happiness of life. People can lose this as they get older. Others find it once again in a ‘second childhood’. Happily the thing ends with them once again at the old building with their dancing shoes (and boots) getting a serious workout.