Lake Mary – Lake Mary 7.3

                Lake Mary is a two headed beast of an album: one side lonely, the other side full. Both sides display an obvious affection for the material. For each part Lake Mary is completely aware of the traditions it takes up. Though the same instrument (the guitar) is used the approaches are dramatic. With these different approaches Lake Mary is able to show its ability to branch out, to feel completely free. And no matter what side one chooses to listen to first, there is either the stark to lush sound (done normally) or the lush to stark. In either instance the amount of heart found in the pieces is enough to make them endearing, warm things. 

                ‘Canopy’ starts out with a series of guitar strums. Out of nowhere applause comes forth. This makes little sense as there is otherwise no indication that an audience is watching. Much of the track is lonely, just Lake Mary with the guitar. Gradually a little accompanying drone follows the impassioned playing making it feel a little less alone. The player takes a break as the atmosphere grows murkier. Slowly the electronic effects take over the track itself. On ‘Mardotsha’ things are considerably different. First there’s little hint of a human touch, only of a complete isolationist remix of the previous track. Whether or not this is true is irrelevant. A full sound gives way to an entire atmosphere, more inviting and warm than the previous track. Lake Mary manages to make the electronic drone effects full of life. 

                This is a balanced album: lonely, full, spare, lush, this is the ying and yang of albums. Each part compliments the other perfectly.