Two People in a Room – Endless Bummer 7.6

                Two People in a Room glides into view. With guitars mixed and distorted beyond recognition they create melodic drones. One half of the duo, Rene, better known as Pillowdiver, is familiar with this level of work. Unlike Rene’s Pillowdiver work this is ever more distant. With Pillowdiver the source material is at least initially recognizable. Here though it is a blurry field. Emotionally the range is quite great, with both highs and lows. The tone is warm and inviting on even the most immediately depressing tracks. 

                ‘Horses in my Head’ begins with a rhythm of sorts. All of the filters and effects create a light bobbing up and down of the sound. Sounds appear to crest before once more falling further down, deeper and deeper until the melodic core is revealed. Opposed to this darker approach is the happier gentler ‘I like you, I like you very much’. Aptly named it takes time in how it builds up. For here the melody is not as readily apparent. Rather the interesting aspect is on the overall kindness of the sound. It engrosses the listener. ‘Invitation to Love’, despite its name, is extraordinarily dark. Here they get the closest to a static formal drone, devoid of joy or light. The cryptically named ‘Swimming Pool 1969’ ends it with a particularly industrial sounding drone. Yet behind the initial industrial feel lies a warmer core just outside the periphery of the sound. 

                Overall this is an album which uses the subtly of drone to its advantage. Initially seeming gray and despondent it appears brighter upon multiple listens.