Loraine – An Autumn Evening 6.9

                Loraine’s ‘An Autumn Evening’ hits all the right Post-Rock notes. They are an economical band. With the limited time of the EP they manage to pay tribute to those who inspire them: Explosions in the Sky is an obvious reference. Like that band Loraine tries to avoid anything particularly overwhelming. ‘An Autumn Evening’ shows what a small dedicated core band is capable of given the right level of concentration. 

                The introduction ‘…Kablooie’ is a tad bit noisy. After the necessary introduction things settle down considerably. ‘After Everything, More than Anything’ expresses a sense of joy. Loraine indulges in a slow build towards the massively distorted end. Even by the end the melody is not lost. While they do put noise after noise on top of each other the melody is determined to make its presence felt. ‘Hello Morning’ takes a similar path but with slightly less distortion and a downright glorious introduction. Big sky country sound takes over during the first half before ascending into chaos. By far the best is the appropriately named song ‘Heaven’ that remains sweet, kind, and gentle throughout the song. 

With each song Loraine builds off the last with a level of energy that’s positively giddy. Indeed the positivity of ‘An Autumn Evening’ is infectious as is the enthusiasm. Hopefully they continue down this path for it is a golden one. Happiness needs bands like Loraine to help listeners calm down after so much anxiety. Having a band like Loraine to mellow things out is important.