WAN  isn’t so much ‘fucked up’ as they are ‘fuck you’. Attitude is a huge part of WAN’s appeal. The punks of the Alt Lit world WAN does basically whatever it wants. Yes people may be afraid of WAN. WAN prefers this response. WAN wants a strong response for its work. By scrawling things across scanned pages like drug addled lunatics, WAN make a strong statement. If there was ever a need for one of those old-fashioned shared in secret zines, WAN would be there. In their inaugural release WAN shows exactly what their capable of which is utter madness. No direction, no purpose, and yet the need for something this free is strong. 

                They begin with an astute comment on saving babies. WAN are pro-baby. Anti-baby sentiment is typically frowned upon in America. Politicians often say that ‘children are our greatest natural resource’ and they are right. Without children there would be no adults. Think about it. That’s a deep ass profound statement. Every adult at some point in their lives was a mere baby, defecating all over the place because babies give many shits. America is strong thanks to the fortitude of its babies. In fact some men refuse to grow up due to this fortitude. ‘Man-child’ means growing up has been given up in exchange for permanent immaturity. 

                One of the members of the secret WAN collective works at a drive through mocking patrons. Another one longs for a car. Life is hard. Though it is important to see what the bare minimums in life are for people. Complaints arise about AT&T, a fine provider of telephony services. WAN say they have ‘McApathy’, making a clever stab at the ubiquitous nature of McDonald’s from sea to shining sea. Some of the scrawls show their familiarity with basic bodily functions. Obviously this is extremely high brow material, perhaps too conceptual for the average reader. 

                 WAN state their 99 problems. They inform the reader of ‘Fuck You’. Here they take their attitude and delicately explain it. One of the members worries about getting highlights for their hair. Another member states how serious and permanent highlights are for the hair. Using the book as not only a form of art but as a form of communication gives the work a living, breathing feeling. Drawings subtly suggest that Facebook users are busy fellating the site. Word play is employed heavily. At one point a member states ‘You are pretty prolific if you ask me’ where the response is ‘you are a piece of shit. I’m telling you.’ 

                Bleach Sloth gets a shout out as being ‘baller’. This is critical. Despite Beach Sloth’s popularity, Beach Sloth is nothing without the countless variations on the name. Attention only lasts a short time on the wild and crazy world of Beach Sloth. From there the crayons begin to take over. A poem celebrates ‘Trill ass burgers and fries’. It is hard to find those sorts of things around nowadays. Life is too hard. Life lacks the proper quality of burgers and fries. It is hard to trust food with all its chemistry. Later on trust is explored as an extinct thing. WAN reminds the reader to trust nothing. Paranoia is the American way. 

                Promotion of WAN’s musical interests come up through Bandcamp URLs. Negativity is shown to the proud state of Idaho. One WAN member littered in Idaho. Rather than apologize the WAN member states ‘Nobody cares because it is Idaho’. By the end the true feelings of WAN come up, of living below poverty, drinking beer, and setting things on fire in video games. This e-book is the spirit of America.

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