Ghostwriter Magazine by an Online Ghost

                Long ago a ghost resided on PBS. This ghost was different from all the other ghosts. Children welcomed this ghost. Floating in and out of books this ghost helped a hard-scrabble group of kids hoping to solve crimes right in their area. ‘Ghostwriter’ taught kids the importance of relying on the supernatural to solve problems. Watching Ghostwriter is a near-religious experience since it involves a lot of faith and imagination. Many stated that Ghostwriter began a ‘renaissance’ of PBS, driving sales of stylish tote bags. 

                Years have gone by since anybody heard from Ghostwriter. Many assumed that Ghostwriter found peace. The trapped tortured soul must have found peace thanks to the help of a few willing children. Fortunately this is not the case. Ghostwriter remains trapped in the agony of purgatory. Once again Ghostwriter has returned, only this time it returns to the internet. However Ghostwriter has not made peace. In fact Ghostwriter was unable to help all the kids on PBS. The day before Ghostwriter was supposed to retire and ascend to heaven it faced its hardest case. Unable to have the kids’ help since they were snot-nosed tweens, Ghostwriter didn’t have a chance. So the criminal got away and Ghostwriter sank into a deep depression. 

                Alone Ghostwriter searched for something to give its limbo meaning. Not alive yet not dead it remained bored. Once the internet came about Ghostwriter found new meaning. The internet gave Ghostwriter an opportunity to rebrand. Finally Ghostwriter could do whatever it wanted to do. Worried that it would be alone on the internet it quickly made an anonymous Facebook page. Strangely people added it afraid of being alone. Excited, Ghostwriter created a Twitter. A taste of web presence made Ghostwriter want more. Haunting people’s online personas wasn’t enough. Ghostwriter wanted to give back to the online community. 

                Twitter was a first step for Ghostwriter. A web site is the latest and greatest aspect. With a website Ghostwriter could support others. Sick of helping people solve mysteries like ‘Who stole lip gloss from the local CVS’ Ghostwriter decided to help out Alt Lit. Alt Lit seemed young, out of control, and full of life. Ghostwriter longed for all of that, particularly the full of life thing. It has been such a long time since Ghostwriter lived. Sometimes Ghostwriter reminiscences about having genitalia and a sex drive. No matter though, Ghostwriter is on twitter so even if Ghostwriter was alive the likelihood of hooking up anyone on twitter would be low.  


                Right now Ghostwriter needs help. Contributions to Ghostwriter’s website are welcome. More tweets are forthcoming. Ghostwriter is doing this for the internet since the internet brings this old ghost some peace.

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