EL RAYO VERDE - Condicional Material Inverso 6.7

                El RayoVerde’s ‘Condicional Material Inverso’ is a jaunty little album. There’s a lot to be happy about. Multiple instruments come together leaving these songs rather busy in spite of their short length. Vocals are a pitch-perfect match for the melodies. Sounds feel completely welcoming over the course of this all too brief album. Most of the sounds possess a certain charm to them. ‘Condicional Material Inverso’ appears aware of its many charms.

                ‘Preludio’ sets the tone. ‘Me comí una caja de alfileres’ manages to creates a rather brisk shuffle. One of the most enjoyable tracks is the playful ‘Esto y aquello’ which really explores whatever impulse it has. Yes the impulse it goes for tends to be the right one. Easily the best track on the album it seems to accomplish most of what they aim for on the rest of the album. 

                By the end of the album El Rayo Verde takes a different tact. Tempos are slowed down. What begins with the slow steadily increasing pace of ‘El ruido de los edificios’ ends with the sad ‘-‘. Plainly titled and beginning with field recordings paired with solo piano it is the saddest song on the album. Little on it offers any of the hope present on the rest of the album. Contemplative it lingers about searching for something equivalent to the joy found earlier. Yet even in this quieter part it embodies some of the jauntiness found in the beginning. For a finale they offer the sweet lo-fi ‘Coda’ to end things off. The song sounds far away like the sound is traveling, leaving, and the intimacy of the rest of the tracks makes sense in light of the fade out.

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