Ullbasunen OCH DANIEL - The Development of Physical Capital 7.5


Ullbasunen OCH DANIEL creates a dreamlike state on ‘Development of Physical Capital’. What results is a series of strange sonic emissions that are difficult to decipher. Melodies exist on the periphery of the giant expanses of sound. The disorientation is complete. The drones are gigantic yet there are tiny things being done with hard to grasp melodies. Figuring out which is in control is impossible. Rather ‘Development of Physical Capital’ engages on both levels. Considering the focus on hard to distinguish yet memorable part-melodies alongside the very corporate origin of the song titles this may be the first foray Ullbasunen OCH DANIEL has had into vaporwave. 

                ‘Steady Carlos Slim’ starts of the EP with a piano loop competing against various electronic distortion effects. At times the effects threaten to derail the whole sense of calm. Yet the result is actually of an extremely nervous sounding track one ready to be thrown asunder at any moment. This is perhaps the most uneasy of the pieces. ‘Steady Warren Buffet’ has almost a funeral sound to it, as he is getting up in the years. ‘Steady Bill Gates’ begins with one of the few beats on the album which worms its way throughout the song. By the end of this song the melody appears to be quickly falling asleep. On the finale ‘Steady Bernard Arnault’ things almost reach a natural rhythm of sorts. Despite this it still feels distant. 

                Much of this EP is about the concept of distance. By keeping their distance Ullbasunen OCH DANIEL create an intriguing release.

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