small quiet morning sounds

                Body burrows during the night. The mind thinks it is sleeping. Unreality in dreams is just a ruse. Going into these burrows is a key part of growing up. Lewis Carroll wrote of these rabbit holes one must follow in other to grow up. Alice, his titular character in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ slept only to search through these very burrows. If beds did not have pillows many more would search these lands, faring forward like young voyagers. For those who discover meaning within these dreams they become captains who have been out to sea for too long. The burrow then leads beyond the wonderland and into the wonder sea. 

                Gabby presses through these pillows. Gabby gives no fucks about pillows. Gabby is the destroyer of pillows. Here the camera focuses out revealing her legs. The legs move. Obviously Gabby has made it into the wonder sea. Swimming in her own dreams she continues to kick her legs. With her bed Gabby becomes fully liberated. Dreams liberate her. Eyes closed she sees nothing but her life. A physical embodiment of her life tells her about her the power of positive thinking. All Gabby wants is simple. Her life can provide her with it. If Gabby knows what her dreams are she can achieve them. Heck, Gabby already runs a gang of girls, what more could she possibly want out of life.

                From her bed she can see outside. Beyond Gabby’s bed people continue to live perfectly normal lives. The curtains try to hide it. Of course this is what curtains do. Window dressing means that the interior is hidden under those tasteful drapes. Each time the curtains let in the light they get a little weaker. Part of living in a house means hiding away from the outside world. Curtains are the fences of windows. From Gabby’s bed there are grass and a fence separating her property from the neighbor’s property. Territorial issues are huge in the suburbs. Essentially each suburban development is a replica of the same office or the same cubicle that the homeowner inhabits. It is rather peculiar that people work so hard at boring places just to purchase boring things. 

                Trees perform outside her window. Gabby is lucky. Nature usually avoids being so showy. Hearing the sounds of other people outside reminds Gabby that she should feel calm. Everyone has to work in this great big thing called life. Gabby is lucky to be part of the world. The morning says hello to Gabby with small quiet sounds.

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