Derek Piotr – Raj 8.7

               Derek’s work usually threatens violence. It is rare that the music ever raises its voice. Raj is easily his most aggressive work. Gone is the distance that marked his previous work. Expect it to be very in your face. That previous hinting at noise is delivered. Beats too are considerably more menacing. Aggression is a major part of the record. Indeed it is nearly its backbone keeping the entire album intact. Here is where Derek embrace the harsh noise he previously left out. Watch the volume levels it gets quite noisy. 

                ‘Grave’ is the first highlight of the new approach. Here Derek reference Mika Vainio levels of industrial might. It stomps itself in and out of silence. The sudden stops and starts make it particularly memorable. Part of me wishes this could go on much longer. Volume levels here are perfect. ‘Defilada (Clubhook)’ is nearly dance-like in its instability. Here everything comes together and falls apart on command. Other songs appear to be in the middle of a major crisis. ‘Hutan’ is one, where the bell-like rhythm appears to be going mad with power, hitting wherever it can, creating weird polyrhythms. ‘Open’ is simply vocals with a hyper-distorted beat and shards of noise strewn about. After all this madness comes the oddly moving closer ‘Spine (Glass Owl Edit)’ which feels warm in its beat-less finish. 

                Paranoia plays a large part of this record. Space is another aspect. This is the most industrial Derek has ever sounded. It is brutal at times, almost unbelievably so. Beats on here are easily the hardest hitting Derek has ever unleashed. Put up the volume and submit to it.

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