Fluorescent Heights – Tidal Moons 7.7

                Fluorescent Heights is pure psyched-out joy. The songs on here exist in the same universe as that of James Ferraro or similar hypnagogic artists. ‘Tidal Moons’ is a sublime experience. Repetition forms a large part of the work. With each new repetition the melody changes ever so slightly. Over the course of constant consistent looping there are gradual shifts, hazy, disoriented things. Most of the time the music sounds like it is evaporating away. Melodies appear to drift off into some other realm. Airy sounds are obvious. Anything vaguely approaching deeper frequencies (bass, percussion) has been completely edited out. Hence figuring out exactly where the music is going to go is impossible. 

                ‘Day’ is perhaps the most obvious cue to James Ferraro’s body of work. With slow builds in the periphery of the song it grows fuller and fuller until it completely blooms at the end. By the time it grows into a fully-formed song it disappears. ‘New Sun’ takes this level of airiness to the furthest extreme. A basic rhythm forms out of the persistent looping. Little details begin to crack out of the surface. Nearly religious in tone with an organ sound it is the calmest piece on the whole album. ‘Reaching the Open Ocean’ closes it with a rather lovely aquatic theme as the light sounds are gradually made heavier through constant distortion. 

                The melodies are always here. Fluorescent Heights, for all its interest in wanting to remain completely spacious, is more interested in emotional impact than abstraction for the sake of it. What results is a rather lovely album.

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