WAVVES – Afraid of Heights

                Yes it is that time again: time for a new WAVVES record. Unlike many ye OLDE hip bands I never got into WAVVES. I love lo-fi music, the whole ‘snot on the sleeve’ vibe. That’s what I dig so many of those panicked static induced beasts of the early nineties. Siltbreeze put out many of those types like ‘The Yips’ and of course the considerably more abrasive ‘Harry Pussy’. Other groups around that time too had a similar vibe like Sebadoh. Even similar bands as described by the infinitely (moderately) popular site ‘Last.fm’ shows groups I like such as No Age and Jay Reatard. Unfortunately as much as I like those bands I don’t see what the big deal is with WAVVES. 

                Maybe that’s the point of WAVVES: that it is pointless music. One of his biggest hits was ‘So Bored’ where he sings about being bored. Interviews with the guy indicate he does a lot of drugs. Various YouTube clips attest to this as well, public breakdowns and such. All of that should be catnip to me. Some of my favorite bands oftentimes lose consciousness during their sets or completely freak out. I approve of such work. Ariel Pink does it so often it is weird when he doesn’t have a meltdown. Why then am I so completely unimpressed by WAVVES?

                WAVVES to me represents the absolute excesses of indulgence. The songs are extremely lazy. Yeah there’s the whole ‘child-like wonder’ vibe he tries to do. It feels false to me. Even after he’s supposedly ‘cleaned up his act’ and such people adore him. For me WAVVES represents some kind of snotty Green Day for the indie scene: devoid of meaning empty music. I’ve never said this about any band and I hate brandishing the term, but poseur. WAVVES is the embodiment of poseur. WAVVES writes poseur rock. Hopefully his new album can convince me otherwise but until such time I’ll continue being so bored with his work.

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