Crotch by Julian Smuggles and Brian Tibbetts

                Each one of them wants to a special animal. Rabbits are the sexual beasts of the animal kingdom. That’s a good pick for an animal. In a special island in the UK to say the word ‘rabbit’ is the most vulgar curse. What the other picks is rather straightforward. Puppy dogs are instantly lovable. Love emanates from a little cute puppy. Unfortunately for puppy dogs they are often ‘neutered’ in order to limit their ability to love. Despite this common practice dogs manage to be man’s best friends. This is worrisome because either the dogs are faking having their genitals removed or genuinely love life enough to live a sex-free existence. Either way it is scary. Thankfully these two transform back into people with people problems. 

                 Nathan is a special boy. Nathan is ready to hit the big puberty jackpot. Nothing happens in puberty though. Generally puberty is an immensely frustrating experience. Grandparents don’t help with puberty. Everyone ignores the pangs of puberty. Nathan discovers the joys of his body with the help of sniffing glue. Ever since the Ramones sang about sniffing glue it has become the pastime for countless young men and women all across the world. Sitting in his garage, sniffing glue and playing with his dick Nathan is the typical all American boy. 

                In ‘Glitter Ball’ there’s the joy of youth. Typically youth involves Halloween parties. Another thing youth is big on: Le Tigre. Honestly Le Tigre is the sound of a specific generation one that is completely free. Despite the stupid plodding of the drum machine for that song it remains a perfect party anthem. Whoever dislikes Le Tigre’s ‘Decepticon’ dislikes life. It is that important. Thankfully the two enjoy a good night together. Part of the night is for being out of control. For the second half the limits of control are specified. 

                Acceptance is a part of life. Here these are characters who simply want to be adored for what they want. Some of them long to have their desires fulfilled right down to the proper hosiery. Others write letters. Conversations are strained with questions answering questions. For the finale there is even the mangled collection of languages. Despite being unable to understand one another on a basic level there’s still a lust that requires no words whatsoever. Whatever that unspoken language is will be the language that will one day save everyone. 

                Together Julian and Brian offer up a surprisingly inspiring and profane series of little pieces of life.

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