New My Bloody Valentine: I want to believe

                My Bloody Valentine’s announcement that ‘Oh yeah we might have the new album out in a few days’ blows the mind. Years have passed, indeed generations of internet dwellers hoping for some kind of return. The few My Bloody Valentine concerts that have since taken place are regarded as religious events. Before those very concerts everybody got to hear ‘Sooner’ about 80 times, though 80 times isn’t enough. Recently however My Bloody Valentine played a new song ‘Rough Song’ (probably not its title) indicating that there is in fact new material on the way. 

                ‘Rough Song’ sounds like they’ve returned. Yes it is choppy. That’s fine. Bootlegs do that sort of thing. Does a new My Bloody Valentine album, or even a hint of one, indicate a ‘Shoegaze’ revival? Already there have been Post-Rock revivals thanks to the recent Godspeed record, which also came with close to zero pre-announcement. Maybe this lack of announcement is a way of counteracting the countless buzz blog posts about how such and such is about to happen. Obviously it seems to be working. More importantly though with the mere hint of a new My Bloody Valentine album (whose title hasn’t even been released) there’s a chance that finally the 90s are ‘fair game’ for nostalgia. Yes thanks to hyper-active minds the 90s may return. Currently the 80s appear to be properly minded for everything they were worth. Post-Rock is already making something of an anemic comeback so why not shoegaze?

                This is fine and dandy akin to cotton candy. There’s a greater question though: can My Bloody Valentine after two decades of inactivity simply jump into things once more? ‘Loveless’ is a virtual testament to perfection. Lacking nothing it is the ultimate fetish object: a swan song, a glimpse of shoegaze perfected. Unlike Post-Rock, there weren’t a larger amount of bands that could even reach the heights of MBV’s powers. My Bloody Valentine takes a big risk by deciding to continue their legacy twenty years after the fact. Is the world ready for the sincerity of My Bloody Valentine? It better be. 

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