Daniel Alexander wants to be a man of letters. In the age of the internet this is very possible. Emails are sent with abandon. The free for all is quite refreshing. Real letters, the kind sent in the mail with tender love, are almost a thing of the past. Few do this anymore. Occasionally things come in the mail from grandparents. Grandparents are the ultimate fans of the postal service. However Daniel wants to change this up. He wants a pen pal, the sort of person who can give him art in exchange for art. Here he tells the viewer to send him things. But first he shows the viewer around his humble studio abode. 

                Walls in Daniel’s studio are bare. He has a flag of America necessary to remind him his artwork is for America. There’s a sticker board to remind him of his sticker-wielding roots. Yet the sticker board is small. And his room is so large. Daniel has a heart. With the arrival of new mail he can have his artistic inclinations of his heart explode across the room. Obviously putting up his art is out of the question. Forget it. But other people, he supports those other artists. Daniel Alexander is an alt lit booster with his syndicated alt lit Spreecast to bring people together on an internet chat room at the same time. 

                The video displays what the poster board looks like after he’s put some wonderful posters and pictures on it. Yet it is still bare. Empty spaces remain. Texas loves its empty space but Daniel Alexander is intent on filling it with friends. That’s what Daniel Alexander is about: his work is his heart. With each new friend, each new connection and mention he’s becoming a realer boy. Will someday Daniel Alexander become a real boy, the sort who exists on and offline? Judging by his bike riding escapades this is already happening. 

                How it ends is with a PO BOX. Daniel wants mail. With every piece comes a new piece, by him. The art from others helps him grow. Consumption of art in general is a good thing. More exposure can help others figure out what works and what doesn’t work. New material will bring new ideas into Daniel’s already overactive imagination. Besides Daniel is a good person. Daniel Alexander vlogs the good vlog. This is important because what the world needs now is vlog sweet vlog.

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