GABEL und MESSER - Los Passion 7.4

                GABEL und MESSER goes around in a half-crazed fashion maniacally flailing its arms about. This is its greatest attribute. Nervous noises, whoozy synthesizers, and slightly off percussion make it rather endearing. Overall the percussion tends to be tight in a rather unconventional way. Vocal delivery is even stranger. Here the vocalist appears unwilling to present anything in a remotely straightforward manner. Taking a bizarre approach makes it more exciting as it matches up ideally with the loopy melodies and percussion. For the most part however the focus is on the atmosphere and rhythm than anything else. 

                ‘Krank’ opens it with a giant synthesizer introduction before the vocalist begins to deliver in the driest way possible. ‘Financial Times Deutschland’ takes this impulse even further with a loop that barely makes sense. ‘Pferd Backt’ has an actual melody reminiscent of Clark’s more contemplative moments. Rather successfully it moves forward and manages to be a bit cryptic. By far though the real winner is the head-scratching bizarreness of ‘Steuerberatung’ which follows a warped groove into oblivion. On here there is even a conversation about an Auto. The song is highly reminiscent of Chicks on Speed’s deadpan humor.  In ‘Im Büro’ they continue with this sense of humor until the song eventually collapses on itself. 

                This album feels drunk half of the time. Despite the minimal nature of the work it never feels particularly weak. Strong with a peculiar sense of intense focus GABEL und MESSER have a lot of fun in these few tracks no matter how long or short.

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