Immortal Dog by Eric Hernandez

                Immortal Dog’ is the beginning. This is the beginning of the story. Eric hasn’t written the ending. With this beginning things appear to be a bit dark. Harsh things happen in real life all the time. People differentiate each thing depending on the bleakness it lets out. Unfortunately Eric’s characters seem to witness the crushing sadness that life can be sometimes. Often the sadness can lead to depression which can lead to inaction. And inaction is the worst. To make life better one has to sacrifice their time or emotions. Sometimes that doesn’t end up well. Without trying though it is impossible to improve. Hence there’s always this balance between happiness and sadness. Numbness is not a healthy emotion. It can be for a temporary time but not forever. 

                Sun wraps itself around a person. This is called being ‘sun-hugged’. Sun kisses are common things. One day hair is overwhelmingly dark. After summer hair lightens up, starts looking good along with the person. This is an important part of the seasons. Experiencing each one can change a life. People out there dedicate themselves to fun in the sun. Lifeguards during the summer they vegetate during the winter months, hiding and waiting for the next great big bright season. 

                 A dog offers the protagonist some hope. With little clicks he tries to woo it to come towards him. The dog has lost a leg. The dog needs a friend. Unfortunately the dog does not make a new friend. Eric takes a really dark turn with this section. Connection can be really hard. Poor dog in the story shows how painful such a connection can be. Is it even worth it to reach out to new people? After the traumatic event the protagonist goes to a restaurant. 

                Some band is playing at the restaurant. Apparently they are good or something. One of them spits on the ground indicating ‘attitude’. Here a lot of emotion is described. There’s a crescendo. Things are happening. For the protagonist though things are blank. The protagonist waits for a coke. The protagonist drinks the coke. Later on the protagonist waits in a gas station like he works there. He tries to stay awake. Before he falls asleep he thinks of dolphins with penises for mouths. Good thing to dream about the protagonist doesn’t think. Poor protagonist wants to dream of something besides dolphin dicks. 

                By the end there’s the protagonist’s grandmother. She’s extremely happy. While they hug the protagonist feels true joy. This is the first real connection in the whole story. Family brings people together. Obviously this is what the protagonist wanted throughout the otherwise blank expanse of time.

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