Second Hand – Death May Be Your Santa Claus 9.0

There are more than enough of awe-inspiring moments to make searching this out ultimately worth it. Named after an obscure controversial film about nihilism it has nothing to do with the film’s subject material. Apparently the studio owner (Vic Keary) saw the film, told the young band about it, and they named themselves after it.

As soon as you put it on, you notice the two best parts of the album: the drums and the organ. Ken Elliot is on organ with Kieran O’Connor on drums. The organ melodies are beautiful and the drumming is extremely energetic, somewhat jazzy.  Joining them is a surprisingly strong singer for an Englishman. Rob Elliot goes from sounding normal to sounding like Mrs. Bighead (Baby R U Anudda Monster). 

Pop and progressive rock has never been intertwined so perfectly. “Hangin’ on an Eyelid’ oozes confidence. Right from the get-go, you’re treated to the sweetest sounds. It only gets better from there, as the lyrics are sweet as honey. The xylophone, before acknowledged as a stupid instrument, proves its mettle here. “Death May Be Your Santa Claus” and “Death May Be Your Santa Claus (Reprise)” show off both of their talents with the first one showing off their knack for pop hits. Meanwhile, the second almost closes off the disc with some elegant organ and bass work. “Funeral” officially closes it out with so much delicious riffs and bombast.

Sadly, this is near impossible to find. That really is a shame, since this neatly embodies a lot of excellent musicianship and talent that arose from the late sixties. Worth getting!

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